Taciturn Seneschal


8 Wounds
WS 35
BS 50
ST 29
TO 30
AG 42
INT 47
PE 42
WI 24
FE 45



Quiet, agreeable, always striving for promotion and a higher station in life.

Gaunt, stern, dark eyes.

Really not a fan of the outdoors, uncomfortable in wilderness.

Everything that has occurred thus far has been a means to an end for Lucius. A man of few words, he is not easily surprised, and rarely startled. At home amongst the masses, he feels that some fundamental difference separates him from the others. Trying to makes the most of his travels, filling his mind along with his databank, he aligns himself with people similarly on the rise. When their paths diverge, Lucius intends to state his gratitude, but he’ll march forward without nostalgia or regret.


The Path to Vengeance MRBradley