Johnathan Barsuum

Nephew of a planetary governor, he's lived a privileged existence. Seeing true danger and loss for the first time in his life, one question stands: When the smoke clears, will he stand triumphant?


John Barsuum – Rogue Trader, Rank-1

Wounds- 11
Fate Points- 4
Corruption- 4
Insanity- 7


Weapon Skill – 46.
Ballistic Skill – 44
Strength – 41
Toughness – 38
Agility – 39.
Intelligence – 41.
Perception – 40.
Willpower – 29
Fellowship – 55.


  • Common-craftsmanship plasma pistol (1d10+6 6pen 10clip 3full)
  • Common craftsmanship power sword (1d10+5 5pen)
  • Void Suit
  • Set of Fine Clothing
  • Flak Armor (AP 3)


Common Lore (Imperium)(int)
Dodge (a)
Pilot (Space Craft)(a)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)(int)
Speak Language (High, Low Gothic)(int+10)


Air of Authority
Die Hard
Peer (Administratum, Nobility)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Talented (Fellowship)


Raised in the luxurious Firenze district of Luksus, in the heart of the Empire, where he was want for nothing.

His early days were spent in the most prestigious classrooms in the imperium, high above many bustling cities. Here he learned mercantile trade, as well proper decorum for a man of his breeding. Even at this stage of his life he had a magnetic personality and he made many friends, many of whom would go on to become promising figures of the Administratum.

Soon after graduating he found himself on the crew of his family’s massive mercantile ship, the Tradewind, where he worked as a personal assistant for the captain: an easy-going, ex-Navy Captain and family friend, known to those close to him simply as Milo. He also fine-tuned his speechcraft by sitting in on some extremely intense trade negotiations. He learned well.

After several years, he was given a prospecting vessel to captain, a crew, and a mercenary contingent and sent to appraise a recently claimed planet, just inside the Koronus Expanse. Records show that until now it has been mysteriously undocumented and untouched, but cursory readings show it to be brimming with minerals. He decided he would bring Milo along with him as one of his advisers; as Milo always said, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Johnathan Barsuum

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