• "Vinn"


    A Imperial Missionary sent out into the void by the God-Emperor himself. a little crazy, with a darker side that no one dares to question.
  • Braskon


    A Rogue Trader and leader of a large accompanyment of wandering Eldar. His motivations are mysterious and highly suspect, even by his "loyal" crew.
  • Johnathan Barsuum

    Johnathan Barsuum

    Nephew of a planetary governor, he's lived a privileged existence. Seeing true danger and loss for the first time in his life, one question stands: When the smoke clears, will he stand triumphant?
  • Lucius


    Taciturn Seneschal
  • Scrivven


    A skilled warrior, and leader of the Eldar travelling with Braskon. He seeks a way home for his people.