The Path to Vengeance

Finding of X-13

Word has reached the Barsuum family of a planet rich in resources. Thinking this is a perfect way to test his skills, Johnathan Barsuum collects a rag-tag crew to explore the far-away planet, known only as X-13. Along with the Blue Suns, a local mercenary gang, Jonathan hires a Seneschal named Luscius and a Missionary known cryptically as Vinn.

After investigating a strange cave under the surface of X-13, the group comes across ancient armor, and further investigation proves it to be of past space marines. Clearly this was not the first time this planet had been visited by Man. An uncovered video log shows a group of marines slowly meet a rather fatal end due to the xenos that inhabit the planet.

And they have not all died off.

After a skirmish with the xenos, Vinn is at death’s door, and is taken to the medical bay. The next day, Jonathan is awakened by a request to meet with Wasker, the leader of the Blue Suns. A heated discussion reveals that he had been hired by the Garruson family to kill Jonathan Barsuum. Thinking quickly, Johnathan locks Wasker within his quarters and drains it of oxygen, suffocating the double-crossing swine. Most of John’s crew mutinied, the promise of higher wages too great for them to turn down, and a battle almost rips the ship apart.

Lucius, John, and Vinn barely make their escape by detaching the command bridge and crash landing on the mysterious planet. The ship itself was destroyed, but not before it collided with the Blue Sun’s mother-ship. Now weary, and on their last legs, the trio build a shelter and prepare themselves for what is likely to be an eventful night on X-13.



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